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Digital transformation in Automotive industry using multi-cloud

Technology has unquestionably enhanced many aspects of modern life. However, transportation and mobility remain an area where more can be done. Autonomous driving, shared mobility, more significant consumer insights, digital manufacturing, and linked automobiles are five megatrends that promise to deliver contemporary technology’s full advantages to the mobility industry, improving the commuting experience and more. These developments can completely transform the automobile sector, and cloud technology will play a crucial part in achieving that goal. 

Autonomous driving

Autonomous drivings is one of the most significant changes in transportation because it influences both technology and fundamental business strategies. The cloud can help organisations construct the infrastructure and tools to develop autonomous driving solutions. At the same time, developing an AI system that can act as a safe driver is one of the most challenging machine learning (ML) challenges to address on a large scale. 

Connected cars

The current vehicle is a supercomputer that creates massive data volumes collected from 60-100 sensors in real-time. Unfortunately, most of this information is unstructured, stored in siloed systems, and susceptible to hacking. At the same time, the vehicle’s electronics and software are becoming increasingly complex. The numbers of lines of code required for an average car surged 15-fold between 2010 and 2016, while the complexity of suppliers and procedures also increased.

We aspire

… to make automotive software more user-friendly and assist businesses in gaining insight from the data generated by their fleets. We’ve already made a tremendous step forward with Android, which automakers have widely adopted. We can provide a completely integrated solution to telemetry using the cloud, making it much easier to retrieve and analyse vehicle data.  

Of course, when data is transferred across businesses, trust and security are critical. As a result, all organisations, including OEMs, maintain complete control and ownership of their data using our technology. To safeguard the integrity of our data centres and your data, we also manufacture our chips.  

Transportation and mobility is a complicated topic, and its digital revolution can affect nearly everyone. Our solutions are designed to aid automakers in their shift, and we’re excited to see how they employ cloud technology to achieve their goals. 


Manufacturing tasks for automotive businesses, on the other hand, are frequently run on-site. This might be due to various factor, including latency, data residency rules in some countries, and consumer requests for data to be kept local. Cloud-native, managed platform overcomes these issues while allowing clients to create and operate their systems as if they were in the cloud. Cloud is a software-only stack that operates on the hardware of the customer’s choosing. Cloud workloads may also be moved effortlessly to Google Cloud or other cloud suppliers at any moment. 

While automakers produce some of the most well-known consumer goods, getting customer insights may be challenging. This is because customer-related data is frequently fragmented; some is held by dealerships, while others are held by the manufacturer—potentially dispersed over numerous unconnected systems. 

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