The Next Generation of Cloud Security


Your organization might be using a mix of both traditional & modern applications. Your traditional applications might be running on virtual machines while modern applications might be running on containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. Some of the applications in your organization might be leveraging microservices which runs across cloud boundaries making the attack surface more complex than ever before. Also, the speed of the software delivery is increasing and the DevOps team might be wanting to deliver new features on weekly or even daily basis. Therefore security tools & processes need to adapt to address the agility requirements of the organizations that are using modern software methodologies. In this E-Book you will learn:


"The Next Generation of Cloud Security: The CIO's Guide" ebook provides insights and strategies for CIOs to help their organizations build and maintain a secure cloud environment. The ebook covers topics such as cloud security challenges, best practices for cloud security, and emerging technologies and trends in cloud security. 

"The Next Generation of Cloud Security: The CIO's Guide" ebook is primarily targeted at CIOs and other IT leaders responsible for cloud security in their organizations. However, anyone interested in learning about the latest trends and best practices in cloud security can benefit from the ebook. 

"The Next Generation of Cloud Security: The CIO's Guide" ebook covers a wide range of topics related to cloud security, including: 

  • Cloud security challenges and risks 
  • Best practices for cloud security, such as securing cloud infrastructure, securing data in the cloud, and managing identity and access 
  • Emerging technologies and trends in cloud security, such as zero trust security, cloud access security brokers (CASBs), and secure access service edge (SASE) architectures.

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