Chrome Enterprise

It is Security, speed, and resources. These are three things businesses need to be productive every day. Chrome Enterprise offers these necessities and more to ensure your operations are running smoothly. At Ismile Technologies, we can help transition to cloud-based services and features like Cloud Enterprise. There are so many tools in the cloud that can help in many ways. Most importantly, it is about finding what works for your needs. 

Benefits of Chrome Enterprise

Browser Security

Google prides itself on Chrome being the most secure browser in the world. Along with its Security, Chrome brings built-in extensions, features, and added management capabilities for IT and security teams to utilise. Added protections include sandboxing, which Prevents malware and isolates malicious web pages that try to infect devices or steal data. In addition, there is a password alert built into the browser if your password is compromised. Regular updates will also occur to protect from daily security vulnerabilities.

Chrome Management

Administrators have complete control of the operations of their business on Google Enterprise. Its easy access and simple to use interface make it easy for administrators. A centralised cloud management hub allows for managing browser policies, settings, and extensions across Chrome users. Furthermore, Google provides users with information to aid in management decisions and improve Security and compliance.

Cloud Workforce

Cloud services are the future of business. It's an extraordinary tool that cannot be ignored. According to Google, 85% of enterprises have a cloud-first strategy or prioritise cloud for new business apps. When signing up with the cloud, notably Google, Chrome and its many features help build your setup. Web and cloud-based apps assist in the customisation of your browser. Tools such as webinars and guidebooks will aid in the transition to a cloud workforce. 


Chromebook give users the simplicity of a computer and highly-secured software to protect their information. It's cost-effective and has a built-in Chrome Browser. It is an excellent device for someone starting to use a cloud service. Google provides the accessibility to learn and grow with the cloud. Companies can save up to $482 per device annually through reduced employee downtime, fewer security breaches, and reduced hardware and licensing costs. 

Working Remotely

Working away from the office has become more accessible and productive than ever. Along with employees accessing company data through Google Drive and other features, IT can manage devices remotely and keep them secure. IT can also set WiFi, VPN, and certificate settings to enable user access to corporate data. Google is compatible with video conferencing applications like Skype and Zoom. In addition, cloud-based apps in the Chrome browser support multiple productivity applications such as G Suite, Office 365, and Zoom. You can also download apps through the Google Play store.

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