Case Study

Smart HVAC Systems for a Leading Heating and Conditioning Business

The client is the leading business organization dedicated to offering their clients heating and air conditioning services. They offer quality solutions to meet the desired requirements of their clients. 


The client required a smart HVAC system to keep control and maintain the data automatically. They want the system to make data updations automatically and make it easily accessible. At the endpoint, they want customers to remotely customize their settings via apps and contractors’ access with online reports and early access. 


iSmile Technologies analyzed the client’s requirements and came up with a customized strategy for the Smart HVAC system. The solution was an Internet of Things (IoT) that enables a smart system of different technologies, including an HVAC system. This advances IoT-enables system has smart sensors which gather measurements on the indoor air temperature, indoor radiant temperature, outdoor & indoor humidity, airspeed, and circulation patterns. The smart sensors also can communicate over Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, cellular connections, and other proprietary connections. 

This solution worked on various technologies, including servers, gateways, smart sensors—database servers, IP devices, etc.  


The Smart HVAC system deployed by iSmile Technologies enables the client to offer end-to-end services to their customers. This system also provides a platform that connects HVAC users with contractors and maintenance service providers and quickly shares critical maintenance data with contractors. 


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