Case Study

Set up multiple Azure environments for a global safety science leader

The client is a Global Safety Science Leader who provides the expertise, insight, and services needed to achieve key business objectives. Our testing, inspection and certification, advisory and risk management services, decision support, training, and business intelligence offerings help our clients in more than 100 countries solve their critical business challenges and prepare for future opportunities.


Organizations have faced many challenges in maintaining their customer’s portals. They required to integrate different customer’s central location and performs Master data Management, Enterprise portal framework, Enterprise document management, Collaboration services (internal and external users), and Fulfillment.


iSmile Technologies offer a solution that includes Architectured infrastructure for security, operations, and Automation in Azure. During this process, the Automated provision script was used for creating the on-demand environment and script configuration. The technologies used were based on VM such as AD Server, SharePoint WFE, SharePoint APP, Database Server, Portal & Services Server, installs and configures SQL 2012. Microsoft understands the importance of security and has designed Azure to stay ahead of the competition when protecting your data. Azure has numerous compliance certifications and is the first choice of high-risk industries like healthcare and government for cloud service delivery.

Due to certain industries’ high risk and sensitive nature, Azure has developed specific applications to meet unique needs. Government, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services benefit greatly from Azure’s many features, including offline cloud services, custom security requirements, simplified compliance, and modernized customer applications.


The multiple environment cloud helps the organization segregation of the central locations and master data of different customers. It helped their business in managing data more  conveniently by using business units. Also, the sales and marketing teams of the company share an environment so that both can easily access guidance information. To achieve the aim successfully and maximize the ROI, experts at iSmile Technologies implemented the best solutions.


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