Case Study

Cloud Transformation Solution for a major Media Organization

The project was done for the Major Media Organization that provides the client with a complete understanding of what people listen to and watch, letting clients know more about their audience.


The need was to develop a data-as-a-service solution via the establishment of a data management and analytics platform. The client required this to get in-depth insights from data and complete management of audience data.


iSmile Technologies provisioned highly scalable and elastic solutions that implement industry best practices using cloud services. The data management platform and other DAAS solutions offered by us help you manage your data and help you have a granular analysis of customer characteristics like lifestyle, buying intent, demographics, geographics, personality, etc. The buyer insights obtained from online and offline transactional data through our data service solutions enabled the creation of high-impact marketing campaigns. We ensured minimum set-up time using the DAAS solution, lesser downtime or disruptions, more scalability and flexibility, and reduced data management and processing costs. Our DAAS solutions could access and process data from hundreds of data providers from multiple industry verticals percolating through offline and online channels.

Our DAAS solutions could be employed in various industries like Retail (Department stores, Mass Merchandiser, Supermarkets), Entertainment (Television, Motion Pictures), E-Commerce (Merchandise, Apparel, Home goods), Financial Services (Insurance, Investment, Task Services), Restaurants and travel (airlines, hotels, and motel, rideshares). The important feature of our DAAS service was that it relied on a wide spectrum of data and higher data quality to architect apt solutions that could enable accurate decision-making.


The DAAS solutions helped create specific customized marketing campaigns for audiences based on their spending levels, tastes, purchasing power (depending on their basket size during each purchase), behaviour, store visits, and others. The aim to maximize ROI by targeting audiences who were fit for the marketing campaign objectives was attained.


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