Case Study

Athlete Compliance Management Software for top universities of North America

The client is a major organization that offers web technology and mobile device provider that offers student-athletes a platform to create profiles that showcase their educational goals, athletic achievements, interests, and skills.

The company works with universities and athletic programs by providing athletes, coaches, and trainers to identify the best of the best.


For all the sports in North America, including all divisions, the University of Kentucky provides the NCAA rules and regulations book. The challenge was to convert them into an API layer to be used by endpoint devices, so schools can use this software to protect their athletes, coaches pro-actively and reactively.


iSmile technologies offered a centralized solution to the colleges that can be accessed from different devices by multiple users at one time. Different portals were created for the students or users and colleges to ensure that the colleges can keep the portal updated. The APIs will also allow the colleges to take queries from the different users and resolve them right away. The APIs can be used on devices or applications, including websites, web applications, iPhone applications, BlackBerry applications, and integrated with Facebook.

In this project, we also provided Automated provision of on-premise infrastructure to support operations, development, and testing environments. At present, more than 150,000 users and more than 150 colleges are using this system to manage & protect their athletes, coaches pro-actively and reactively.


The Athlete Compliance Management Software allows the colleges to monitor, manage, customize and track their data to meet all NCAA compliance criteria with the industry’s most comprehensive solution. They can create custom rosters for the entire athletic department and manage all of your student-coach information in one centralized location.


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