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Al and Machine Learning are taking the world by storm, and it’s for that reason that businesses today are transforming themselves with the power of technology. As all the operations within an organization continually require smarter and faster decisions and results, their requirement is quite understandable for adopting and combining their work with Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Being the primary user of a revolutionary technology gives you quite an advantage over your competitors, and the growth potential is infinite. These intelligent machines aim to ensure that your business is saving its time, cost, and space and ensuring lucrative growth.

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Range of our AI-ML Development Services

AI Development Services

Our AI development consulting services are there to help you catalyze your business growth. We develop advanced AI solutions that can get integrated into your business processes to optimize future possibilities so that every opportunity can get utilized.

Machine Learning Development

Our well-designed Machine learning Development solution provides automated business processes and advanced performance data analytics that can adapt to your existing functions to give you the solution that fits you best and for your business.

AI-Powered Mobile & Web Applications

Our AI-powered mobile and web applications are there to provide a robust, user-friendly experience by keeping customers’ needs in consideration. Our apps and web pages showcase a detailed customer history to have the most personalized touch while browsing.

Natural Language Processing

Machine learning has made it possible for technology and operating systems to understand and respond like a natural human being. Our natural language processing can provide your business with an added human touch, a virtual assistant program that can communicate well with your customers in real-time.

Data Support for AI/ML

We provide an excellent annotation service within the AI and ML domains with an excellent high-quality data annotation of text, images, or videos to train your AI/ML models. Data support service for AI/ML ensures no compromise with confidentiality, precision, and accuracy.

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ISmile technologies offer AI & ML Development and Consulting services that


We provide detailed reports of the progress of migration periodically to let you know about the number of your workloads and components migrated.

The rate depends on the scope of migration, including man-hours required, the number of VMs and other components to be migrated, the cloud architecture desired and so on. 

Yes. We create the roadmap for migration of your systems and applications and use best in class technology stack to execute the migrate.

Yes. We conduct cost feasibility studies, identify scopes of reduction of cost without compromising performance and then implement the solutions.

It depends on the scope of the project, the complexity of the database architecture, the enormity of the mission critical workloads and others.

We offer complete monitoring and maintenance of your systems, applications and workloads in a cloud-native environment post-migration to ensure seamless performance and high productivity. 

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