Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory management involves keeping track of raw and processed goods to plan purchasing, understand food costs, use the raw materials based on freshness and donating the excess food to avoid wastage. Failure in predicting stock requirements of products can also hurt businesses if customer demands cannot be met on time due to lack of enough inventory products. It causes waste of time and money. 

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Features of the product

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Detect the freshness of stock and food

The product Use Wireless Temperature, humidity sensors to detect ​the food freshness. It Use sensors to detect ammonia, sulfides, harmful gases to detect the food freshness​. It also uses Oxygen and Carbon-dioxide ​sensor to detect the ​freshness of fruits and ​veggies.

Inventory Stock Management

This feature allows you to​ smoothly manage the stock ​ and predict the duration after ​which to reorder so that the ​required raw materials are ​ always available to the ​restaurant staff.​ Users can set the threshold level for the stock and turn on the notification that will notify them if the inventory has reached the specified threshold level. They can then immediately re-order to the supplier.​

Donate Excess Stock

Striving to prepare for variable crowds, restaurants often end up preparing and cooking more than what is needed and then trashing the leftovers. To avoid this wastage, ​ our project aims at ​donating the excess food ​to nearby NGOs by ​sending notifications.​

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience and are apt to solve your most intricate problems and require very low maintenance.

It allows you to check the freshness of your inventory in real time.

It has alerting systems to alert you on possible drying up of stocks in your inventory.

Our ML model can provide you vital insights on user demand, stock levels to be maintained and others.

The product has email notification feature to send updates to NGO for updating them on the excess food left.

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