Google Meet Hardware

Communication in and out of the office is crucial. Especially in today’s workplace, not everyone can gather together in one room. 

Google Meet provides businesses with the flexibility to meet anywhere and anytime. The resources that come with Google Meet allow people to put their work first. And the best part, it’s free! Google knows how important the day to day of business is, and Google Meet makes sure your daily operations run smoothly. 

Features of Google Meet

Purchasing Bundles

Google has many packages to fit different budgets and room sizes. Businesses can customize their conference rooms how they want with the flexibility Google offers. Packages start as low as $1,499.99 with multiple brand options, including Asus, Logitech, and Lenovo.


Google provides a versatile webcam for any size room. Shine in huddle rooms with a wide-field-of-view camera. Or, expand to larger rooms with the optical zoom of a mechanical pan-tilt-zoom camera.

Speaker mic

A custom-built microphone reduces echoes and actively manages background noise to deliver a 360-degree crystal clear sound.

Meetings made easy

Every meeting room will have the same setup as Google Meet. Its curated components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings affordable and headache-free. Google makes it easy for you to be successful in the workplace. “One-click meetings” are possible when registering the room’s control panel with Google Calendar. Meeting information will automatically appear when scheduled with all the details and can be joined with a short remote control-click.

Compatibility with Jam-board

Google Jam-board, an interactive whiteboard system apart of Google workspace, can bring teams together from various locations. Jam-boards can be shared during meetings and edited by everyone on the call. Ideas can be put into writing and added to the collaboration, the goal during business meetings.

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