Case Study

Web Application to display Live Location

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It is required by many train services and national carriers to know the health of the carriers or vehicles which are travelling for long distances. It becomes more so important if the travel is across states or towns and human safety is involved. Any delay or any disruption during the journey can cause loss of time for hundreds of people and can also compromise their safety. iSmile Technologies came up with an application that could solve all such problems. 


The solution is to develop applications which can capture vital data from the train carriers and help in monitoring the journey. The solution needs to capture data regarding the health of the carrier and alert the relevant authorities of the same. In case of any accident or damage, it needs to correctly estimate the impact of the damage through analysis of various features of the train service.


iSmile Technologies architected and developed a web application that showed a live map view of the status of the locomotive. While hovering on it in the map, it showed all health information of the locomotive including the distance that could be covered by the locomotive with the remaining fuel. The application had other brilliant feature which helped in displaying the area of the impact of disasters caused by the locomotive and features to display the intensity of the impact.


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