Barakah Remote Suite 2.0

Our Barakah Remote Suite 2.0 onboards your employees, contractors, contingent workers to work remotely or from the office within a couple of hours, and they can start contributing to your success in less than 48 hours. In the wake of the pandemic, Barakah Remote Suite is the best option for setting up your systems for remote working. 

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Features of the product

Solutions with an Interactive and hassle-free interface and seamless functionality ensure that you get the best experience. 

Supports Cloud Desktop

On any operating system

End Point Device enabled

Grab and Go

Compatible with Productivity Solutions

On any Collaboration Suite

Unlimited technical support

Unlimited technical support

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience, and apt to solve your most intricate problems and require low maintenance. 

Supports high redundancy across multiple data centres 

Uses Security protection (i.e. antivirus programs)

Thin clients to take the place of your workstations 

Implements Data storage and backup 

Allows for Customized application installation, allowing you to put your whole network on the cloud 

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