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Predictive analytic tool for assisting drivers

Predictive Maintenance

The tool allows predictive maintenance of the engine control unit.

Driver Alert

It has driver-assist/drowsiness alert feature along with SOS /Call feature.

Vehicle location Tracking

It helps in accurate time tracking of vehicle location.
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ISmile Technologies envisions a world where AI-driven capabilities positively influence people, places, and things. Autonomous driving fuses a variety of software, sensors, communications and reliable computing hardware with cutting-edge car design. The result is safer, more enjoyable travel and a leap in productivity.

ISmile Technologies is helping to shape this near future through extensive collaboration with leading industry partners and alliances. It leverages years of experience in embedded and rugged computing and expertise in open-source robotics, middleware, and AI-centric in-vehicle computing platforms. When the most qualified and experienced groups come together to realize a common vision, unlimited possibilities open up.

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Best in class automotive solutions,
apps and tools