Azure Databricks – Assessment

Overview Databricks are widely used and growing fast in technical industries for data analytics and machine learning. Databricks SQL, Databricks Data Science & Engineering, and Databricks Machine Learning are the services we offer to our clients by optimizing Azure Databricks.     ISmile Technologies analyses clients’ data by leveraging Apache Spark environment, Machine learning models through […]

Identity & Access Management: 4-day Assessment

In today’s world, the threat landscape is evolving quickly for all businesses, large or small. Attacks are becoming more frequent, and the stakes have never been higher. To counter this threat, organizations need to reduce the number of usernames and passwords that end users must remember. Too many passwords lead to insecure passwords and poor […]

Integration of Azure Monitor with ServiceNow – Implementation

With iSmile Technologies provides a wide array of actions, conditions, and transformations ready for you to set up and use, and you can also build your Integration from scratch. Creating and or updating ServiceNow alerts, binding them to a CI in the CMDB and performing an impact analysis to realize the impact on the monitored […]

Azure Migration Services – 10 Days Assessment

Migrating from on-premise servers/VMs to Azure can give you a digital edge in today’s competitive marketplace and provide benefits such as pay-as-you-go, improved availability, better scalability, enhanced security, disaster recovery and others.  Start with our assessment to determine migration timeline, cost and monthly spend. Once you are satisfied with the recommended approach, migration is just […]


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