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Three Major Reasons to Invest in Google Chromebooks

It’s time to re-imagine the workplace with Google’s Chromebooks. If there is anything we can take away from last year, it’s that life does not stop for us—so we won’t either. In the past few decades, technology has come so far that the new normal is a fast connection with flexible applications and ensured security. 

3 Major Benefits 
More than ever now, businesses are looking for ways to make working easier on their employees in all aspects and themselves. Let us get to it—what are the three major benefits the Chromebook can offer you? 

Accessible Flexibility for Productivity  

Chromebooks run on Google Cloud applications. This primary function is crucial because it allows employees and team members to collaborate through file-sharing, all available in one location. Whether you are looking to enhance your classroom or encourage your team members to become more productive, Google’s Cloud applications can help you get it done. Google classroom on the Chromebook is pre-installed for those with school email addresses, making it a convenient spot for learning to conjugate. Because the Chromebook is a loaning device, this reduces the amount of energy needed to help maintain these products to gear it towards running your business or classroom instead.

Google Chromebooks


Safe and Secure 

The design of Chromebook’s security measures is to keep your data protected at all costs (while saving over $400 in IT costs and services), especially because this is a loaning device. After every shut-down, the Chromebook will reset with restrictive sign-ins. This keeps your log-in information as well as the files secured in the Cloud connected to that account away from potential strangers. Worrying about data security is not something anyone wants after a long day of work. These restrictions allow only those authorized to use these devices to access its data, so put all your troubles in a box. You won’t need them for this one. 

Google Chromebooks

Find the Right Fit 

That’s right–you have options. With several different designs, there is a guarantee that one of these versatile Chromebooks will satisfy your requirements. Is your team more focused on single tasks or group collaboration? Or is there an arising concern about battery life and applications? For example, if your employees’ main jobs are to use Google applications while saving as much power as possible, choosing a Fanless i5 could be the right way to go. Educators may tend to lean towards one with a sturdier build as well as a hearty battery life, so it is optimal for classroom environments. Whether your new handy tool comes in a tablet, a typical laptop, or a convertible display, there is one bound to be the one for you. 

Google Chromebook


In the age of a fast-paced environment and the need for productivity, Chromebooks are here to help with that. Minimizing the energy wastage, it takes worrying about security or slow servers allows for more time and investment towards the honest work of your business. As a proud partner of Google, iSmileTechnologies believes in the innovative tools Chromebooks have to offer for your growing business. Our expert team is here to help you transition and get situated so that you can make the most of your Chromebook investment. Call us today for a free, 30-minute consultation! 

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