Cloud Security Services in chicago

Our cloud services in chicago help you with a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, stand-alone, and end-to-end Managed Security Services, ismile technologies assists you in responding to these security challenges. We have the capacity, size, and global reach to offer you with everything you need in one location to manage your security across a hybrid cloud IT estate.

  • Identifying threats in Real time with cloud security
  • Responding to incidents much faster than others 
  • Implement complete cloud security configurations and monitor them 
  • Use context and identity awareness to analyze risks 

Our Cloud Security Services in chicago

iSmile Technologies can assist your company in securely transitioning to the cloud and provide assistance during the early phases of digital transformation

Cloud security strategic service

We conduct complete assessment and root cause analysis along with gap analysis of the existent vulnerabilities and the state desired and create the roadmap to attain desired state.

Cloud IAM services

We provide a solid framework for Identity as a service management (IDaaS) solution. We have ensured 100% protocol-based access of data and systems with zero breaches for organizations.

Cloud Penetration Testing

We use Cloud penetration testing for checking unused ports and protocols, checking the encryption and authentication status, checking components at their access points and lot more.
cloud security services in chicago

Create a Reliable Cloud Security Foundation

Examine your security strategy, which includes IAM, cloud-native and security technologies, workloads, apps, architecture, and connectivity. Identify the desired state, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations. Define a cloud security plan that is in line with regional and organisational compliance standards. Projects should be prioritised based on cost, effort, and risk.

Examine Cloud Security Risks

Identify compliance needs and provide seminars to understand the current state of affairs. Assess risk utilising CSA, CIS, and cloud-native security checklists such as AWS. Examine remedial possibilities in engineering, architecture, and technology, as well as IAM, security testing, development (CI/CD), and operations (DevOps). Cloud assets such as compute, storage, databases, networks, containers, borders, security technologies, and serverless computing should be evaluated. Make recommendations and put them into action.

cloud security services in chicago

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Cloud security services are critical for granting users access to apps, devices, and networks. The increasing sophistication of cloud threats has also made it critical to have adequate security measures in place to avoid unauthorised access, data breaches, and account compromises.

Its time to transform and level up

Get your head in the cloud, combine dev and ops to have agile software development, and unlock company data’s potentials with the right data strategies and advanced analytics. Leverage the three golden cones of IT success with iSmile Technologies. 


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