AKS Enablement – 4 Week Implementation

Accelerate your Kubernetes journey with ISmile Technologies AKS enablement services. Our team of experienced Azure Kubernetes experts can help you assess, implement, and scale an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform and enable your team to use and manage the platform with confidence. 

iSmile Technologies Kubernetes Service is a standardized approach to container-based development and operations that enables development teams to embrace Azure Kubernetes Service truly. The framework provides simplicity, security and reliability for every workload in Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure governed multi-cloud setups. Using our Kubernetes Service, you can help your development teams work in a standardized and streamlined manner. 

Azure Kubernetes Service Benefits

Efficient resource utilization: The fully managed AKS offers easy deployment and management of containerized applications with efficient resource utilization that elastically provisions additional resources without the headache of managing the Kubernetes infrastructure. 

Faster application development: Developers spent most of the time on bug-fixing. AKS reduces the debugging time while handling patching, auto-upgrades, and self-healing and simplifies the container orchestration. It saves a lot of time, and developers will develop their apps while remaining more productive. 

Security and compliance: Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of modern applications and businesses. AKS integrates with Azure Active Directory (AD) and offers on-demand access to the users to greatly reduce threats and risks. AKS is also completely compliant with the standards and regulatory requirements such as System and Organization Controls (SOC), HIPAA, ISO, and PCI DSS. 

Quicker development and integration: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) supports auto-upgrades, monitoring, and scaling and helps in minimizing the infrastructure maintenance that leads to comparatively faster development and integration. It also supports provisioning additional compute resources in Serverless Kubernetes within seconds without worrying about managing the Kubernetes infrastructure.


  • Introduce the customer to Agile methodology and pairing 
  • Provide basic BOSH, Concourse, and Kubernetes education 
  • Onboard one MVP app 
  • Provision one control plane and one Kubernetes foundation using best practices (4 weeks). Provision two control planes and two Kubernetes foundations using best practices (6 weeks) 
  • Create essential automation pipelines for K8s upgrades (4 weeks) 
  • Create automation pipelines for platform and services (Pivotal tiles and BOSH releases) provisioning and updates (6 weeks)


  • Embrace an iterative, incremental, and collaborative approach to operations 
  • Onsite workshops and pairing 
  • Guidance and consulting on identifying and deploying the first app on Kubernetes 
  • Control Plane, Concourse, and Kubernetes deployed 


AKS Enablement is a service offered by ISmile Technologies that enables organizations to deploy and manage containerized applications using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This service provides organizations with a secure and scalable platform for running their applications in the cloud. 

ISmile Technologies' AKS Enablement - 4 Week Implementation service includes a four-week engagement with ISmile's team of AKS experts, who will work with the organization to design, deploy, and configure an AKS cluster. The service also includes training on AKS best practices and hands-on guidance for deploying containerized applications to the cluster. 

Using AKS for containerized applications provides a number of benefits, including: 

  • Improved scalability and availability, as AKS automatically scales up or down based on demand 
  • Increased security, as AKS provides a secure and isolated environment for containerized applications 
  • Simplified management, as AKS provides a unified platform for managing containerized applications in the cloud 
  • Faster time to market, as AKS enables rapid deployment and scaling of containerized applications. 

To engage with ISmile Technologies for AKS Enablement - 4 Week Implementation, an organization can reach out to ISmile's team of AKS experts to schedule an Free consultation. During the consultation, ISmile's team will discuss the organization's needs and goals and provide an overview of the AKS Enablement service. If the organization decides to move forward, ISmile's team will work with the organization to design and deploy an AKS cluster. 

ISmile Technologies provides ongoing support and maintenance for AKS clusters through its managed services offering. ISmile's managed services team can provide 24/7 support, proactive monitoring, and security services to ensure that AKS clusters are operating smoothly and securely. ISmile can also provide ongoing training and guidance to help organizations optimize their AKS environments. 

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