Cloud Advisory Services in chicago

Our Cloud Advisory Services in chicago helps you to discover appropriate possibilities to use Cloud computing services, either as-is or through a more modernised cloud native adoption approach, ultimately offering long-term business advantages. We assist customers in developing a cloud computing strategy that includes a thorough cost-benefit analysis as well as a roadmap for enterprise-wide cloud adaptation, migration, and modernization strategies. We also assist with the strategic transformation of processes, technologies, and capabilities to ensure you get the most out of the Cloud.

  • Existing assets are discovered and instrumented in a very automated manner.
  • Business principles for estimating migration timelines
  • Technical preparedness, organisational readiness, and the creation of a business case

Our Cloud Advisory Services in chicago

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

We provide strategic tips for determining the type of cloud model that would be most remunerative. We decide the type of cloud environment, the refactoring required and the cloud adoption strategies and more.

Cloud Architecture & Planning

We help you establish the cloud reference framework using SOA, AWS WAF and Microsoft CAF. We guide you on database migration, driving down costs of storage and computing and more.

Cloud Security

We provide advisory on end-to-end security for your cloud operations, applications, infrastructure and ensure encryption, authentication of processes and access to data.
cloud advisory services

iSmile Technologies Advisory services solutions

The cloud advisory services team at iSmile Technologies conducted a thorough evaluation utilising standard procedures and tools, and developed a public cloud adoption plan and roadmap for the customer. The proposed solution was created using the following four design principles: – 

  • Infrastructure that is future-proof, 
  • cost-effective, 
  • scalable, 
  • and adaptable.

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Cloud Advisory Services in chicago

Enterprises must carefully assess which of their applications and services might benefit from migration, implement a well-defined Cloud Adaption strategy, and select the best-suited migration plan that assures the least amount of business interruption.

Its time to transform and level up

Get your head in the cloud, combine dev and ops to have agile software development, and unlock company data’s potentials with the right data strategies and advanced analytics. Leverage the three golden cones of IT success with iSmile Technologies. 


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