Case Study

Sport Recruiting, Compliance Management Software

The client was a global professional services firm that makes business transformation real. They offer relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people and drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations.


Compliance management denotes on going process for monitoring and assessing systems so that they comply with security and industry standards. A Sports recruiting company wanted set up of compliance management system so that they could comply with all the regulatory sporting standards


We architected and lead development of API that is consumed by client facing websites, IPhone Application, BlackBerry Application and Facebook Integration that is still being used 150,000+ users and 150+ college athletic advantage. Ismile Team automated provisioning of on-prem infrastructure to support ops & development, test environments. We worked as an onshore technical lead for offshore project teams in India, Ukraine.

Our activities included working on development/integration of outsourced projects with existing website, RESTFUL API. We used VMware Workstation environments for setting up POC environments of new projects. For reporting functions, we generated SQL Server Performance reports, Dashboard using management studio and Sport Recruiting, Compliance Management Software Case study took necessary action to improve performance. We also installed a compliance management software for compliance with regulations.


The collaboration between the team became easy. Automated provisioning helped the company increase productivity, reduce the costs, optimise transparency across user end points and allowed automated adjustment of permission levels for access and control. The entire ops and dev functions were streamlined. The induction of RESTFUL API allowed to managed load and organise complicated applications and allow optimal utilisation of resources. It allowed developers to scale easily. With successful integration of outsourced projects with existing website using the API, we were able to define communications of different devices, systems and databases with the website.


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