Case Study

Cloud Migration Solution and Factory Automation Software for a Major Packing Industry

The client was the leading packaging industry committed to growing, packing, and supplying the best quality canned fruits and tomatoes.


The client needed to migrate their data, applications, and services to the cloud. They also required Factory Automation Software to ensure the proper functioning of their packing robots and other machines. 


iSmile Technologies designed a strategy for their organization to migrate all the data, applications, and services to the cloud. Also, iSmile designed a Factory automation tool using AI ML to control all the automated machines from one software only. 

The technologies used in both the processes were Azure, Cloud Space, Movero, Rock ware Automation, etc. A cloud migration allowed the business organization to easily expand and grow while working with your existing infrastructure. This means applications and data can grow without impacting your business performance or customer experience. The Factory Automation system allowed the organization to a continuous mass production 24/7. 


The solutions applied by iSmile Technologies opened the ways of expansion and growth for the organization. Now they are working smoothly with the tool provided by us, and their ROI increased by 200%.   


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