Automotive software service provider for OEMs – 2 weeks POC

In today’s market, most vehicles have a level 2 autonomy, with only a few businesses having a level 3 or 4 autonomy. By developing software linked to SAE level 3 autonomy using Azure Cloud, DevOps, Azure IoT Hub, etc., iSmile Technologies hopes to contribute to this market.   We bring a wide set of capabilities and […]

AKS Enablement – 4 Week Implementation

iSmile Technologies Kubernetes Service is a standardized approach to container-based development and operations that enables development teams to embrace Azure Kubernetes Service truly. The framework provides simplicity, security and reliability for every workload in Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure governed multi-cloud setups. Using our Kubernetes Service, you can help your development teams work in a […]

Data Modernization Platform – 8 Week Implementation

iSmile Technologies provide digital onboarding consultations. We help you visualize your business goals, identify customer needs and create digital roadmaps for a successful transformation journey.  Our solution covers the full cycle for data, starting with data modelling, data transformation, integration and migration, data quality, machine learning, data visualization (Power BI, SSRS) and finally, data warehouse. […]

Azure DevOps Terraform – 8 Weeks Implementation

Using HashiCorp’s Terraform Infrastructure Automation, hosting and managing it via Azure DevOps, you can now integrate infrastructure directly into your Continuous Integration & Deployment process.  Improving is uniquely positioned to help you with your Infrastructure as Code goals. As early adopters of IaC and Azure DevOps as part of our consulting practice, our team has […]


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