Artificial Intelligence Predictability in the Financial Markets: Predicting Stock Earnings with iSmile Technologies

CHICAGO, September 02, 2021

iSmile Technologies, an enterprise IT consulting firm and one of the world’s fastest-growing digital technology businesses, recently Build a Modern Data Platform, an AI – ML based platform on Google Cloud to predict stock earnings for a key Investment (Mueed A Mohammed) firm based in The United States.  

Stock markets are a pool of uncertainty, they plummet one moment and rocket the other. The latest development has showcased traders opting for methods and tools to predict the performance of stocks, all of them revolving around AI and ML concepts. With the same infrastructure and security services that Google employs, the Google Cloud platform secures your data, apps, infrastructure, and customers from fraudulent behaviour, spam, and abuse. Google Cloud’s networking, data storage, and computing services enable data encryption at rest, in transit, and in use, thus we created a platform utilising the finest AI-ML based models, which aids us in developing a secure platform that benefits every stock investor. 

“iSmile technologies assisted us in developing a data strategy for our enterprise cloud analytics journey, which included the implementation of a Google cloud-based modern data platform that integrates data from across our organisation as well as multiple external data sources on a regular basis. The new solution has enabled our teams to build a single integrated data repository and tear down existing data silos. A new cross-data analysis capability has allowed us to improve the user experience and improve our stock forecast, security, and fraud detection models, while also allowing us to provide innovative new data-driven services” commented Mueed, a senior leader from the Investment Firm.  


About iSmile Technologies

iSmile Technologies is a global technology services firm that assists organisations in competing by using disruptive technologies such as advanced analytics, big data, cloud, databases, DevOps, and infrastructure management to promote innovation and boost agility. They have highly skilled technical teams that work as an integrated extension of our client’s organisations to deliver solutions, with a focus on building long-term relationships with acting as a strategic extension to organisations.

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