ExpressRoute – 5 Days Implementation

ISmile Technologies will partner with the in-region express route provider to deploy your express route rapidly to Microsoft Azure.


Engage with iSmile Technologies Azure experts to establish the correct architecture for your express route needs. BUI guides you through understanding the pre-requisites, the process of choosing the correct express route provider, connection model, configuration, and design choices for a successful deployment. 

The target architecture will meet the requirements of the following agreed principles. 

  • No single point of failure should exist in the Azure ExpressRoute target architecture. 
  • Network traffic should be isolated and load-balanced when needed. 
  • Microsoft Best practices and reference architectures should consistently be implemented and adhered to.

This is a 1-week engagement, including a single location/subnet peering configuration. Additional location peering can be provided outside of this engagement. 

Plan of Action

Day 1: Discovery 
Engagement kick-off call and readiness assessment. 

Day 2-3: Design 
Multiple workshops with subject matter experts and service provider(s) to establish functional requirements and peering location constraints. 

Day 4: Deploy 
Build, deploy, configure, validate, and test the new express route connection. 

Day 5: Manage 
Enable monitoring, and complete operational handover sessions. 


  • Greenfields Express Route deployment. 
  • Pre-requisites will be validated, and any remediation falls outside of this engagement. 
  • A local express route provider and peering locations exist for the in-scope region. 


ExpressRoute is a service provided by Microsoft Azure that enables you to create private connections between your on-premises infrastructure and Azure data centers. With ExpressRoute, you can establish a direct and dedicated network connection, which provides higher security, reliability, and faster speeds than traditional internet connections. This can improve the performance of your cloud-based applications and services and enable you to manage and scale your infrastructure more efficiently.

The 5-day implementation service provided by ISmile Technologies includes a comprehensive analysis of your organization's network requirements and architecture, and the design and implementation of an ExpressRoute connection between your on-premises infrastructure and Azure. Our expert team will work with you to ensure a seamless and efficient migration to the new infrastructure. 

The 5-day implementation service is designed to provide a quick and efficient deployment of the ExpressRoute connection. The duration of the implementation will depend on the complexity of your organization's network architecture and specific requirements.

The cost of implementing ExpressRoute varies based on the size of your organization and the complexity of your network architecture. However, with ISmile Technologies, you can rest assured that you will receive a cost-effective solution that meets your organization's specific requirements and provides long-term benefits. 

ISmile Technologies is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service. After the implementation is complete, our team will continue to provide ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of your ExpressRoute connection.

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