Case Study

Survey research platform

The client was a global professional services firm that makes business transformation real. They offer relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people and drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations.


A major market research firm needed a survey research platform to transform the company through vital surveys aimed at promoting growth, knowing better about the customers, market trends, buying behaviour. It needed data from the surveys to help form informed business decisions and forecast client and customer behaviour. It also aimed at leveraging the capabilities of cloud and optimising their resources for capacity.


We undertook Hybrid cloud for hosting. Net4, IBMS SPSS, TIBCO AMXBPM\EMS\MFT\Spot Fire, SharePoint. We enabled Capacity planning\Sizing\Scaling for shared infrastructure and building the environment. Ismile Technologies adopted a Content Management solution using SharePoint (with SQL2012 Backend) for global access. We Integrated TFS with HP Quality Center, ALM. We also undertook IBM SPSS (Survey Research Platform) Configuration\Enablement alongwith TIBCO AMXBPM 1.3.1\EMS\MFT\Spot Fire Configuration\Enablement (Automated Deployment). A major part of our work was Sales Force Integration for creating studies.


The company was able to get a cloud enabled survey research platform with best configurations and set-up. The advanced capabilities of IBM SPSS were harnessed to have extensive surveys of target sample populations and aggregating and filtering the survey results. The surveys were able to target hard to reach respondents and could elicit enormous number of responses about market, brand, and products. The company could uncover better insights with built-in predictive intelligence and powerful statistical tools. The respondents could be reached on multiple devices like mobile, apps, chatbots, websites and others. The surveys could be integrated with existing systems like Salesforce and marketo. The surveys could be launched anytime and with confidence. The company generated many inferences from these surveys to turnaround the company’s fate. Cloud hosting allowed them to reduce the cost and scale anytime.


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