Case Study

Enterprise Data Platform for a major Software Management Organization

The client of this project leads the market because of their unique software. Their software offers the companies various unique services for their organizations.


The client’s need was an enterprise data platform capable of bringing all the data together. The company employees can also get insights using operating reports, Analytical Dashboards and advanced analytics.


iSmile Technologies delivered an Azure-based platform that can collect the data, including logs, files, media, etc., in one place, leveraging the client to perform scalable analytics. The technologies used in this platform are Azure and Power BI.

Along with bringing data together, clients can use it to plan their future strategies with the help of analytical dashboards on top of a dedicated SQL pool to derive insights from the data. The system has an interface for the users as well, which is designed with Azure Analysis Services.


The platform delivered by iSmile Technologies empowers the client to predict the future in advance. They can now use dashboard analytics, operational reports and advanced analytics to design their strategies for avoiding any loss in the future.


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