Case Study

Customer Data Platform for a Legal Service Agency

The client is a leading legal services agency that offers affordable services to millions of people than ever before. They spend their time and resources for the people to get legal help at the right time. 


The client required a tool to collect the customer data and then send the data to different places, including databases, applications, and software. It should serve as a link between your data sources and where you ultimately want to send your data. 


iSmile technologies designed and developed software that helps the client to pull the customer data to their servers. Later on, the tool allowed the client to send the data to different databases. The sources to collect the data and the destinations of the data can be added by the client. The sources and destinations can be modified at any time as per changing requirements. 

The client can also view the imaging and 360-degree view of the customer data for business purposes. This facility will help them get insights into the data and get a better vision for future strategies. 


The solutions applied by iSmile Technologies helped the client to collect, process, and distribute data efficiently. Currently, they are billions of customers’ data with few clicks only.  


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