Case Study

Customer 360 Solution for A Leading Insurance Service Distributor

The client is the leading distributor of diversified insurance products and services. They offer their services from corporates to individuals and help them secure and invest their money in something better. 


The client’s need was a customer 360 to get a 360-degree view of a customer’s data, including every interaction, from a website inquiry to a product purchase to a customer support ticket. 


iSmile technologies delivered the platform that helps the client create a 360-degree view of the customer’s data—the focus points of the solution addressing the integration challenges in delivering digital transformations. The solution offered a modernized data management facility optimized for the cloud. It enables the client to prepare multiple views of customer data for future analysis.  

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, prescriptive, predictive, and geo-spatial capabilities can be accessed by the client to leverage data assets fully. We built, tested, deployed, and managed the workloads in the cloud via Microsoft Azure. 


With the help of this integrated Customer 360 solution, the client can now plan future sales and marketing strategies effectively. Also, they have a better vision for identifying the client’s patterns, responses, and interests, which enhances their data analysis to another level. 


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