MarkLogic Server On Microsoft Azure – 8 Week Implementation

Save time and money by taking your database platform to the Azure Cloud with MarkLogic in 8 weeks.


iSmile Technologies team of Microsoft Azure experts work with clients to address their most pressing operational challenges with carefully designed software solutions. By diligently crafting cloud-native applications according to each client’s unique circumstances, iSmile Technologies delivers a product that considers every aspect of your business, from the users to the bottom line. We diligently understands your current challenges and future opportunities, identifying the cloud services and architecture that will enable the capabilities, flexibility, and scalability needed to stay competitive in the marketplace.

The Azure MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform provides the flexibility to build a single, actionable 360-degree view of data in the cloud, whether entirely on Azure or in a hybrid cloud environment. The MarkLogic platform on Azure makes it easy to scale apps and projects up or down without downtime and with optimal deployment and transactional consistency, giving organizations maximum operational efficiency. Along with being fully supported on the Azure platform, many MarkLogic features are designed for more efficient deployment and management on cloud platforms. MarkLogic consists of security features such as Encryption, Redaction, and Element-Level Security, to securely host your data on public cloud environments. You can deploy virtual machines (VMs) from the published MarkLogic Azure image in the Azure environment. You can then add the storage, networking, and security features you require. You can use Solution Template to set up the IT environment via infrastructure as a code concept.  

This diagram briefly explains the overall architecture of a cluster deployed on Azure:

Cluster architecture deployed on Azure

8 Week Road Map

Week 1: Project Setup 

  • Kickoff meeting 
  • Review Objectives 
  • Discuss scope and prioritization 
  • Identify Roles, responsibilities, schedules, and availability of the integrated team 
  • Organize logistics  
  • Onboard consultants (network access, mandatory training, connectivity to servers, etc.) 
  • Finalize/validate scope and target schedule for Integration I 
  • Install MarkLogic Server

Week 2 and 3: Integration l

  • Iteration I activities, integrated 
  • As agreed upon, typically focused on loading and enriching a sample set of data 
  • Update pilot environment (if available) 
  • Finalize/validate scope and target schedule for Iteration II 

Week 4 and 5: Integration ll 

  • Iteration II activities as agreed upon, typically focused on exposing data through user interfaces or integration APIs 
  • Update pilot environment (if available) 
  • Finalize/validate scope and target schedule for Iteration III 

Week 6 and 7: Integration lll 

  • Iteration III activities, as agreed upon, typically focused on additional functionality discussed in Iteration I and Iteration II demonstrations 
  • Update pilot environment (if available) 
  • Finalize/validate scope and target schedule for wrap-up activities 

Week 8: Wrap-up 

  • Incorporate prioritized feedback 
  • Demonstrate Complete MarkLogic setup on Azure to Customer


MarkLogic Server is a NoSQL database that provides robust, flexible data management capabilities. Running MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure allows you to take advantage of the scalability and reliability of the Azure cloud platform. 

The 8-week implementation timeframe for MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure is a structured approach to deploying MarkLogic Server in a Microsoft Azure environment. During this period, we work closely with you to plan, design, implement, and test the MarkLogic Server deployment to ensure that it meets your specific needs. 

Running MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure provides a number of benefits, including: 

  • Scalability: The ability to quickly and easily scale your deployment up or down to meet changing needs. 
  • Reliability: The ability to take advantage of Azure's built-in resiliency and redundancy features. 
  • Security: The ability to ensure that your data is protected by Azure's security features and by MarkLogic Server's built-in security capabilities. 
  • Cost savings: The ability to save on infrastructure costs by taking advantage of Azure's pay-as-you-go pricing model. 

The process for implementing MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure with ISmile Technologies typically includes the following steps: 

  • Discovery: Understanding your business requirements and goals for the MarkLogic Server deployment. 
  • Architecture and Design: Designing the deployment architecture and identifying the Azure resources needed. 
  • Deployment: Deploying the MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure, configuring and securing the environment, and migrating data. 
  • Testing: Validating the deployment through testing and performance tuning. 
  • Handover: Providing training and documentation to ensure that you are able to operate and manage the deployment. 

To get started with the 8-week implementation of MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure with ISmile Technologies, you can reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your needs and goals, and provide guidance on how to move forward with the implementation. From there, we will work closely with you to plan, design, and implement the MarkLogic Server deployment on Microsoft Azure. 

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