Software solutions for Autonomous Vehicles

We develop software’s for autonomous vehicles to reduce the driver efforts and chances of accidents. We know the importance of the safety of your loved ones; our software’s are capable of eliminating the chances of accidents. 

Be a step ahead of the world by adopting autonomy in vehicles.

iSmile Technologies is an independent provider of software services for automotive OEMs and suppliers. iSmile Technologies develops high-end automotive software solutions for HUD, Digital Cockpit. These range from pixel to silicon to under-the-hood solutions. Plus, from vehicle software architectures to vehicle networks and extended vehicle concepts for connectivity and automobility.

At iSmile technologies, we are always curious about shaping the future by adopting new technologies. Vehicle automation is one of the burning topics that is boosting the future automobile industry. We use edge cloud computing to give life to the vehicle to sense the environment and take the right decisions. 

We develop high-end automotive software solutions for HUD, Digital Cockpit. Our goal is to reduce the driver efforts and improve the reaction time of the software to avoid accidents that can end someone’s life.   

Head-up Display

The head-up display is a technology that projects an image on the vehicle windshield, just below the driver’s line of sight. It is a hologram containing essential data related to a vehicle like speed, speed limits, navigation, etc.  

Digital Cockpit

A digital cockpit changes how we perceive the image of our vehicle from inside. It consists of automated controls embedded into the dashboard of the vehicle. It makes it easy for the driver to access calls, location, music, etc. easily so that they can focus on the road. 

Shared mobility

Shared mobility consists of connecting the vehicles through electronic signals to avoid traffic and, in some cases, accidents.  This technology will save time and energy for passengers, and travelling will become smooth. Vehicles will signal nearby vehicles in case of any failure or accident. This technology will save lives, and driving will become safer.   

Electric vehicles_img

Electric vehicles

Charging networks, batteries, infrastructure, plug-in alternative. Today electric vehicle market is developing at its highest pace. Batteries are becoming lighter and smaller; vehicles are becoming intelligent and silent. Good software in an autonomous vehicle can also improve the vehicle’s battery life, contributing directly to the increasing range of the vehicle.    

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Projects we have done in Vehicle Automation.

Vehicle Automation System
for a leading Agriculture Vehicle manufacturer:

Technologies architectured and developed a system to convert the trucks into automatic trucks. The technologies used in the development process are cloud and APIs. The API-based system can directly communicate with the trucks. 

The user can command the trucks according to work as per their need, and the software enables the vehicles the complete the commands efficiently. 

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