Cloud Migration: Implementation

iSmile Technologies offer end to end migration to cloud. We follow the below steps for ensuring successful migration

  1. Identify the business objectives for migration, project goals, stakeholder’s concerns and budget constraints
  2. Undertake complete audit of the IT infrastructure and have a realistic picture of the current IT environment
  3. Collect requirements for security, compliance, retention and geographic restrictions
  4. Create the migration project blueprint
  5. Identify the gap in skills and knowledge of the team required for cloud operation
  6. Decide the cloud model for migration
  7. Develop a potent transition plan that would ensure minimum interruptions in business processes and current state
  8. Conduct security and compliance assessment of the plan
  9. Undertake cost budgeting for every stage of migration
  10. Execute the migration

Cloud Migration Activities

Phase 1

  • Discovery and planning

Here the roadmap for migration is created, cloud readiness assessment is done, application teams are engaged with, the cloud project team and timelines are framed.

Phase 2

  • Cloud Provider Selection

The cloud provider is selected based on the use cases and the features of cloud most desired by the organisation which can meet the organisation objectives for migration

Phase 3

  • Creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Phase 4

  • Creating the cloud pilot project

Here we prepare the foundation for pilot migration, create and execute the proof of concept, choose the candidates for pilot migration, migrate the pilot workloads as representative cases, examine the performance and latency, create scripts to automate the pilot migration process. Then we validate the applications on the foundation cloud. The economic model is verified against the larger application portfolio of your organisation. The security, compliance and the operational processes are mapped out.

Phase 5

Executing the Cloud Migration

The following activities are undertaken to execute cloud migration

  • Establishing workloads in the cloud
  • Right sizing of instances
  • Fine tuning the configurations
  • Testing and deploying



I. Lift and shift (IaaS)Deliverables:

  • IT infrastructure layout documentation with key stakeholders
  • Cloud resources evaluation and cost estimate report
  • Security assessment report
  • Migration of  infrastructure

II. App modernization (PaaS / SssS)Deliverables:

  • IT infrastructure layout documentation with key stakeholders
  • Application assessment reports
  • Project POC completion report
  • Cost estimatation document
  • Overall migration plan and timeline
  • Migration and modernization of infrastructure

III. Cloud Adoption Deliverables:

  • IT infrastructure layout documentation with key stakeholders
  • Application assessment report
  • Cloud Adoption plan
  • Strategy and plan template to span cloud adoption
  • Project POC completed
  • Overall migration plan, estimate and timeline document
  • Migrated and modernized infrastructure

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