Cloud Managed Services

ISmile Technologies Cloud Managed Services provides you fast and available applications, infrastructure and operations. We implement Azure best practices for monitoring, upgradation, patching, DR and BC etc.

Infrastructure monitoring and maintenance

  • Monitoring of storages, and databases
  • Monitoring of networks, servers and other resources
  • Monitoring of interface systems
  • Hosting your Desktops and systems in Azure for providing remote access to resources

Performance Monitoring and maintenance

  • Monitoring availability, response time and health of systems
  • Optimising resources for maximum performance to cost ratio
  • Checking latency
  • Managing configurations for maximum performance
  • SQL tuning

Security Monitoring and Management

  • Employ Azure Antimalware
  • Employ Azure Role Based Access Control
  • Use Azure VPN and Express route to securely extend your on-premises or other data centre locations to the cloud for seamless connectivity to your Azure Resources
  • Implement Azure Security best practices using Azure Security Centre
  • Configuration optimization for enhanced security


  • Implementing Azure and Power BI based cloud FinOps solutions
  • Setting up cloud FinOps solution in your Azure tenant
  • Timely visibility into spends, chargebacks and anomalies for quick response to spending leaks
  • Visibility over cloud costs to optimise spending

Disaster Recovery and Backup

  • Recovering your environment in case of a disaster
  • Implementing Azure paired regions, Azure Backup vault and Azure Onsite Recovery services
  • Backup files, VMs and SQL databases

We provide 24*7 incident reporting and dashboarding for purchasing, management, administration and reporting of Managed services


Cloud Managed Services is a service that helps businesses to manage their cloud infrastructure effectively. It includes the management of cloud resources such as servers, storage, and applications, security, performance, and cost optimization. 

Cloud Managed Services help you to improve your cloud infrastructure performance, security, and reliability while reducing the operational cost. It also provides a proactive approach to identify and resolve any issues before they affect your business. 

ISmile Technologies provides a range of Cloud Managed Services, including cloud infrastructure design and deployment, cloud migration, performance optimization, security management, and cost optimization. 

We support all types of cloud environments, including private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. We provide services for leading cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

The cost of Cloud Managed Services varies depending on the type and size of the cloud environment and the services required. At ISmile Technologies, we provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, and we offer competitive pricing based on our client's requirements.

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