Azure DevOps Terraform – 8 Weeks Implementation

ISmile Technologies will support your Infrastructure as Code goals by leveraging Terraform Infrastructure Automation and integrating your infrastructure directly through Azure DevOps and a CI/CD process. 

Using HashiCorp’s Terraform Infrastructure Automation, hosting and managing it via Azure DevOps, you can now integrate infrastructure directly into your Continuous Integration & Deployment process. 

Improving is uniquely positioned to help you with your Infrastructure as Code goals. As early adopters of IaC and Azure DevOps as part of our consulting practice, our team has years of experience building automated environments and would love to share best practices with you. 

We put our experience into a two-month plan (4 2-week sprints) to leverage a typical Azure infrastructure and give you the foundation for an automation plan.

You’ll get a basic Infrastructure as a Code project built in HashiCorp Terraform, integrated with Azure DevOps, and a roadmap to continue building and extending these capabilities. 

Plan of Action

Each step includes testing and successfully deploying the “as-is” infrastructure in a development environment using the IaC project. 

Step 1: Initial kickoff
– Review of existing Azure infrastructure
– Terraform compatibility analysis
– Foundation of the IaC project
– Team training: Terraform fundamentals.

Step 2: Review of Step 1 results
– Continuation of IaC component development
– Team training: Terraform for project-specific architecture.

Step 3: Review results from Step 2
– Develop CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps
– Continue development: refine IaC components Team Training: Implementation & Modularization

Step 4: Review of results from Step 3
– Completing CI/CD pipeline development
– Completing IaC project development
– Team training: support & continuation
– Completing project, documentation & roadmap.


Azure DevOps Terraform - 8 Weeks Implementation is a service offered by ISmile Technologies that helps organizations quickly and efficiently adopt infrastructure-as-code practices using Terraform and Microsoft Azure. Our team works with clients over an 8-week period to set up an automated pipeline for deploying infrastructure code to Azure using Azure DevOps and Terraform.

The implementation of Azure DevOps Terraform can bring several benefits to your organization, such as: 

  • Faster and more efficient deployment of infrastructure to Azure using infrastructure-as-code principles 
  • Improved consistency and accuracy of infrastructure deployment across multiple environments 
  • Enhanced collaboration and version control with Azure DevOps and Terraform 
  • Increased automation and streamlined processes leading to improved efficiency and cost savings 
  • Better compliance and governance by following best practices for infrastructure-as-code. 

The implementation process typically includes several key steps such as: 

  • Initial assessment of the client's infrastructure and processes to identify areas for improvement 
  • Creation of a Terraform-based infrastructure code repository with proper folder structure and naming conventions 
  • Configuration of an Azure DevOps pipeline for Terraform, including build, test, and release stages 
  • Implementation of security and compliance best practices such as role-based access control and audit logs 
  • Provisioning of infrastructure resources on Azure using Terraform 
  • Handover of the code repository and pipeline to the client team with necessary training. 

To implement Azure DevOps Terraform - 8 Weeks Implementation, your organization will need the following prerequisites: 

  • An Azure subscription with sufficient access and permissions 
  • An existing infrastructure environment that can be used as a pilot or a new one that can be set up 
  • An understanding of infrastructure-as-code concepts and Terraform basics 
  • A project sponsor or stakeholder who can provide necessary support and resources.

To get started with Azure DevOps Terraform - 8 Weeks Implementation, please contact our team at ISmile Technologies to discuss your needs and goals. We can then provide you with more information on our implementation process, deliverables, and pricing. Following that, we'll conduct a scoping call or meeting to ensure that the implementation meets your specific requirements. 

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