Google Jamboard


Google Jam-board is an innovative touchscreen based on the collaborative ideas of each team member. By using it with G Suite, you will increase the productivity of your Brainstorming meetings


High-end tools for rapid creation

Use various built-in drawing tools to create content – from planning sketching to the creative design concept. Moreover, enrich your ideas with additional content from the Internet, Google Drive or even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Simple and intuitive

Using the Jam-board is surprisingly intuitive and similar to using a tablet or smartphone. When creating, positioning and editing content, you can also use the battery-less pens and eraser supplied with the board for even more precision.

A collaboration independent of the place

Share your ideas anywhere in your organisation or from any location at the same time and anywhere in the world! With an installed jam board application, Jam board and mobile devices can easily be linked together.

Maximum mobility and ease of installation

Setting up the Jam-board is a snap. It does not require any prior knowledge and does not require anything complicated. What do you need? Simply a wall outlet. Everything else works wirelessly. In addition, with the optional rolling stand, you can quickly move your Jam-board from room to room.

Store and share

Your documents and Jams are shared securely at any time without any loss of data via Google Drive or the Jam-board app. Unexpected? Quickly pick up where you left off with automatic project saving.


Google Jamboard?

Jam-board assists you and your team in the collaborative planning and development processes of practical business ideas and projects. Its 55-inch surface offers enough space for sketches, tables, charts and presentations, which you can edit and modify in real-time with your colleagues and clients, regardless of location and space. Google’s G Suite tool enables cloud-based use for your communication, creation and presentation of your projects through Hangouts, Meet, Docs, Sheets and more. 

With a free Jam-board app, you can even join an ongoing Jam-board session, called Jam, directly from an Android or iOS mobile device. You will have direct Internet access, video conferencing and the ingenious handwriting and shape recognition function with this sleekly designed device. 

The main assets

Recognition of handwriting and shapes

Quick and easy connection of smartphones and tablets

Accessible via the Cloud

Seamless integration with Google G Suite

Video conferencing system


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